WOGC visits the Public Works Department of Honduras

June 30, 2016 | WOGC NEWS

On the afternoon of June 30, 2016, by the invitation of the current President of Honduras, Mr. Juan Orlando Hernández, President CARY YAN of WOGC and visited the Republic of Honduras.

Mr. Leonardo Deras, Minister of Public Works of the Republic of Honduras and Chairman of the National Electricity Group, personally came to the airport to greet.

At the government residence, the delegation met with Minister Leonardo. Minister Leonardo conveyed the President's greetings to the delegation and presented Honduras's efforts to clean energy, save poverty and improve people's livelihood, as well as the ongoing national-level key projects in Honduras. The Executive Chairman praised Honduras for his achievements in all aspects and donated 20,000 solar lights to Honduras. Minister Leonardo highly endorsed WOGC contribution to environmental governance and said it would work with WOGC to create a new chapter in economic and social development in Honduras. Mr. Chen introduced the achievements of China in carrying out clean energy and infrastructure construction. Leonardo said that he would work with the Ministry of Economic Affairs to implement the construction of the Honduras China Investment Promotion Center as soon as possible.

Han Jun Deputy Secretary-General, Deputy Secretary-General He Shu, He Tao Deputy Secretary-General accompanied by the visit.