WOGC visits the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of El Salvador

June 28, 2016 | WOGC NEWS

On June 28, 2016, Chairman of the CARY YAN, Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors, visited the President of the Republic of El Salvador.

The visit of WOGC was jointly sponsored by the Presidential Office of the Republic of El Salvador in the practice of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Committee, the intergovernmental organization SICA (Central American Integration System), and the Intergovernmental Organization PT (Trichetino Program). At the time of the Caribbean summit summit held in Honduras, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of El Salvador Jaime Miranda Aamenco cordially received the delegation and accepted the donation of WOGC 2 million solar lights.

Minister Jaime conveyed the greetings of President Salvador Sanchez-Salem and introduced the efforts of the Republic of El Salvador in the practice of the United Nations sustainable development goals and expressed the hope that economic and trade exchanges would be strengthened with Asian emerging countries, including China Private exchange of government vision. Guo Yintao, Executive Chairman, introduced WOGC’s development strategy and concrete practice results in the practice of the United Nations sustainable development goals. It stressed that the economic well-being could be effectively promoted through economic means, and the top-level design could save resources and ensure the healthy development of the country. Secretary-General Chen Hong introduced China's foreign investment situation and asked about investment in Asia's business in El Salvador. Jaime Minister said it would actively align with WOGC and fully communicate with Chen Hong, secretary general, on matters relating to the establishment of the Salvadoran Investment Promotion Agency in China in the near future. Han Jun Deputy Secretary-General, Deputy Secretary-General He Shu, He Tao Deputy Secretary-General accompanied by the visit.