WOGC to visit the Ministry of Social Development in Guatemala

June 30, 2016 | WOGC NEWS

On the morning of 30 June 2016, at the invitation of President Jimmy Morales of the Republic of Guatemala, President of WOGC CARY YAN and Chairman Guo Yuntao led a delegation to visit the Republic of Guatemala.

Mr. Jose G. moreno, Minister of Social Development, received a delegation from the delegation. Jose Minister briefed the mission on the economic and social development of Guatemala. The Executive Chairman of the State Council affirmed the positive efforts made by the Republic of Guatemala in the practice of the United Nations sustainable development goals and said that it would work with the Republic of Guatemala to promote the implementation of the United Nations 17 sustainable development goals and donated 20,000 solar lights to Republic of Guatemala troops.

The Secretary-General Chen also presented the innovations and efforts of Asian countries in implementing sustainable development goals. Jose Minister, on behalf of President Jimmy Morales, formally invited the delegation of WOGC to attend the 10th National Summit of Guatemala Nationalities in Guatemala in October this year and invited GNCCOUN to give a keynote speech at the summit. Guo Yuntao Executive Chairman expressed his gratitude and accepted the invitation.

Han Jun Deputy Secretary-General, Deputy Secretary-General He Shu, He Tao Deputy Secretary-General accompanied by the visit.