WOGC and The Republic of Zambia Discuss Partnership Agreement

September 22, 2017 | WOGC NEWS

(September 22, 2017) The Word Organization of Governance and Competitiveness (hereinafter referred to as “WOGC”) met with the Zambian Minister of National Development and Planning, Hon. Mr. Lucky Mulasa to establish WOGC becoming an Intergovernmental Organization for Zambia. First Secretary (Legal Affairs) to the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Zambia, Mr. MUKI PHIRI, Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of National Development and Planning, Dr. AUXILIA PONGA and Principal Planner to the Ministry of National Development and Planning, Ms. ALICE SICHINSAMBWE jointly attended the meeting.

Firstly, Secretary General, Mr. ALEX HAN presented an introduction explaining the resources, platforms and international undertakings that WOGC is associated with. The main aspects that WOGC focuses on are education, development, employment and housing. He expressed how these four areas allow WOGC to directly support and assist less developed countries.

Honorable Mulasa conveyed his gratitude and well-received notions from WOGC. He pointed out that Zambia has launched a 7th National Development Plan and that it can serve as a model for the work that WOGC would need to concentrate on. He acknowledged that although positive in some ways, one of the biggest challenges facing Zambia is their youthful population. “Your focus on the youth means quite a lot,” said Honorable Mulasa.

Africa Regional Director and Special Representative, Mr. MULETA TEMBO reiterated that WOGC wants to use the opportunity to bring competitiveness and governance as well as education into the country.

WeChat Image_20170926000141.jpg From the left to the right: Africa Regional Director and Special Representative of WOGC, Mr. MULETA TEMBO, Secretary General of WOGC, Mr. ALEX HAN, and Principal Planner to the Ministry of National Development and Planning, Ms. Alice Sichinsambwe.

The two sides agreed that further interaction would be necessary to sort out technical matters and make sure that productive results are reached. “Your ambition sits very well with our president and I look forward to ensuring that we create an environment that keeps the balance,” said Honorable Mulasa.