Donation for flood in Sierra Leone

August 31, 2017 | WOGC NEWS


(Aug. 31, the United Nations) Cary Yan, chairman of World Organization of Governance & Competitiveness for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (WOGC-UNSDGs), in New York, represented WOGC to provide donation for Sierra Leone where the flood and debris-flow disaster happened.

WOGC is a non-profit international organization, which devotes itself to the United Nations sustainable development via public benefit and investment, especially to socioeconomic development of less-developed countries. Since WOGC was established, it has been carrying out 17 sustainable development goals issued by the United Nations, providing business reference service, support training, charitable donation and sustainable education for several countries of Latin America, Africa and Asia. Besides, through establishing rivalrous industries, setting effective and transparent partnership as well as advocating innovation, WOGC also improves economic and social governance and competitiveness for some developing countries like Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Cary Yan said, the amount of donation was not large because of the limitation of foreign exchange management. However, he himself and his organization hoped to show their compassion for West Africa which was suffering the debris-flow disaster. Afterwards, WOGC would support the reestablishment and economic development of disaster-hit areas of Sierra Leone in other forms.

Eminemdu Lokma, Sierra Leone’s ambassador to the United Nations, expressed the sincerest thanks for Cary Yan and WOGC’s donation. On August 14, a large-scale flood and debris-flow disaster broke out in Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone, which resulted in death of at least 499 people and homelessness of at least 3000 people.