Arno Atoll in the Republic of the Marshall Islands

October 10, 2017 | WOGC NEWS

WOGC Marshall Islands October 10 - Mr. Cary Yan, Chairman of World Organization of Governance and Competitiveness (WOGC), and Mr. Alex Han, Secretary General of WOGC, traveled to the Arno Atoll in the Republic of the Marshall Islands to visit the local poor people and extended the solicitude to them on behalf of the United Nations and WOGC and brought them the needed goods and funds.

As one of the world’s least developed countries, the Republic of the Marshall Islands has relied on imported goods and materials to maintain the lives of the islanders for many years, and the living conditions on the islands are still quite backward. For example, there are about 2,000 residents on the Arno Atoll. Three generations in most families are living together, and even more than 10 persons live in some humble houses. The living conditions are so bad that there is even no basic furniture in the houses and they sleep on the floors or door sheets at night. Cary Yan and others came to the Arno Atoll to learn about the difficulties and demands regarding medical treatment and livelihood of the local residents, distributed goods including rice and condolence payments, and encouraged them to live with firm confidence, face difficulties bravely, and make all efforts to improve their production and living conditions. In addition, he hoped that the existing living conditions will be improved as soon as possible through the local integrated housing program on the plan of WOGC so that every resident can live in a comfortable and clean house, take care of their families, and actively support the local economic development. Mr. Cary Yan said that WOGC will work with the local government to improve infrastructures on the islands, provide more basic medical equipment, increase and improve educational resources for children, and early realize the sustainable development goals (2030) proposed by the United Nations by making full use of WOGC’s unique advantages, so that local people will live a more comfortable and healthier life as soon as possible.